Thursday, June 2, 2011

Compsositing (part 2)

Shot 53: Final Compositing
(partial render)

Above is the shot we managed to get to the post-production stage this quarter.
We were all exited to see the final look of the film.
Compositing is by Garrett.
Lighting is by Ross.

See below for how much post-production adds to the shot!!
Shot 53: ABOVE - lighting only, BELOW - final composit

Here's the breakdown with comment from Garrett.

Shot 53: NO Effect
This was a first pass at compositing the final shots after they have been light and rendered.

Shot 53: Z-Depth pass

Shot 53: With Z-Depth, NO VolRays

Shot 53: Matte channels

Shot 53: With Z-Depth + DoF + VolRays, NO Z-Blur

Shot 53: FINAL comp

The goal was to add some depth cueing by adding atmosphere and DoF blur to the shot and then to add in some Volume lights.

All of the above is pretty straight forward, but it took a little bit of work to get all the matte channels into the right spots to be used effectively.

One last part of the puzzle that will be added (not seen in this shot) is motion blur to the water effects.

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