Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lighting - in progress & Final

Shot 2 by: Ross

Shot 3 by: Ross

Comment from Ross:
These mov files are the first lighting designs for the more dense swamp environment shots within the short. Some are dialed in more so than others, rendering errors and settings need to be tweaked on the final versions.

Shot 12 by: Ting

Shot 12: FINAL

Shot 21 by: Jack

Shot 21: 1st pass

Shot 21: FINAL

Comment from Jack:
After much tuning and delays, the shot 21 is looking better than I have anticipated, after introducing the tree shader, the Spanish moss shader, and the water-sim, the shot is looking bright, beautiful and very smooth.

It was a harrowing near miss for me, and a very lucky one. I started to render the file on Monday night and it took a whooping 16 hours to render all of the frames correctly, aside from some very minor issues, for the first time the shot looked…polished.

It was a very fortunate result since I when I was tasked to discard my previous scene and use another friend’s backdrop, I was expecting every problem possible, mid render errors, post render discrepancies, unseen water-sims/ tree shaders, incorrect lighting…everything. I feel very lucky and proud that I got the shot ready.

Shot 26 by: Steven

Shot 26: FINAL 01

Shot 26: FINAL 02

Shot 26: Matte Pass

Comment from Steven:
Shot 26 is final for this quarter. I was able to make the tweaks addressed Monday in class. A few notes on some changes include color tweaks and value changes to the water and grass. The direct lighting was warmed up and more purple/blue hues were added to the fill/shadow regions.

I was also able to get the latest tree textures on the trees and replace the foreground trees with the more appropriate higher resolution models. The water still has issues to me, but this may be because there hasn't been motion blur added to yet. I'm sure a lot will come together during the compositing stage. The render time right now is on average 30 min per frame.

Shot 35 lighting is still not there. I may redo this from scratch. The ambient light seems to not be working even though it is. I like the light angle but the shot definitely needs some extra TLC. I had to manually build the environment back up because the previous RIB files we used for this were not working. This subtracted time from the lighting as well.

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