Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3-D Envrionment Assets (part2)

Various development in environment assets.

Comment from Ross:
For our second Milestone, I was primarily tasked with creating environment assets and using those assets to layout and stage our first shots. I modeled a stylized tree to fit in line with the approved look and feel for the environment. That model was then used to stage the layout for the opening sequence as the camera follows a slow decent into the swamp below.

Comment from Travis:
The task at hand is populating the environment into all of the shots. We've been utilizing our procedural scene generation script to quickly and efficiently place our scene geometry.
The script allows the environment artists to paint in different types of vegetation with different color channels. It also utilizes RenderMan's Level of Detail (LOD) to expedite the rendering process.

LOD test

After that we used background cards for distant trees, clouds, and sky. So far we've finished the environments for about 25 shots, now they can move on to final shading and lighting.

Further development for tree and rock was done by Travis as well. (shown below)


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