Sunday, May 15, 2011

3D Animatic - March 2011

3-D Animatic - March 2011 (from previous crews)

This is the first update of 3-D Collaborative Class of Spring 2011 (March-June).

This quarter, the "Drag 'n' Fly" project continued with new crews & freelancers from the previous, lead by professor Wissler.
We began by reviewing the works done up to now. For most of us, this is the first time to collaborate like in the real production pipeline, and we found organizing/collecting the entire files from previous crews somewhat challenging. We ponder the importance of "Handing-off" process at very early quarter...

As we've been introduced to the project, we were excited to see the 3-D animatic (shown above) from the previous crews.
From here, we split into groups to tackle tasks required to be completed this quarter:
  • Create production tool scripts.
  • Complete the Look Development of the environment.
  • Based on the final "Look", create background matte paints and shaders for environment models.
  • Based on the final "Look", paint character models.
  • Refine animations (Maya).
  • Water simulation in Houdini & Maya (Set up work-flow of Maya -> Houdini -> Maya).
  • Lighting (Maya).
  • Edit & Composit final renders from selected shots.
Our aim of the quarter is to have at least over 10 shots completed.

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