Friday, May 27, 2011

Watre Simulation - Simulations (part2)

More water simulations in progress...

Shot 12: 2nd pass

Shot 16: 1st pass
Fond out the log was animated instead of the's back to animators to fix now. (^_^;)

Shot 26: 2nd pass

Shot 26: 3rd pass

Shot 31: 1st pass

Shot 42: 2nd pass

Comment from Yuriya:
Above are water simulations I’ve been working.
Main difficulty I experienced was to balance the displacement amount when the air-boat and characters are in the same shot. In such case, the boat requires a larger displacement width, but the characters require much smaller displacement width. Hence, it’s been challenging to find a figure that will fit to both, but some could be hidden depending on the camera angle.

Again, the scale issue (extremely large & not constant scale) and very quick animation made it harder to predict the good figures. Also, multiple shots were re-animated, therefore, I had to re-sim some, but the animation was improved a lot in those re-animated shots, and was worth the time.

The RIB archives exported from Houdini are between about 4GB to 20GB depending on the shot, which are very large. Because of the size, we were unable to share it in the DropBox, but we now got a FTP site where we could upload these large size RIB archives as well as all the files we use. This was very helpful to hand the RIB archives to the lighting team.

========= Update =========

For the final week of the quarter, I've worked on some more 1st passes of water sims and handed the 3rd pass for shot 26 for lighting. The spray still needs some work. More particles should appear when the fish hit the water surface. The reason that there are fewer particles for the fish is because I was balancing with the spray from the air-boat. As we are simming with one POP-network for all the spray, it's sometimes difficult to find the happy medium.

However, I've just heard from professor that the spray for the air-boat may be removed for aesthetic point of view. If we are shifting to this, then it'll make the spray control much easier.

Other than the water simulations, I've worked on some more with the Blog. I've been updating the entire Spring 2011 crew Blog posts this quarter, and I believe I've organized them quite well. This was actually the first blog ever for me to work with. Since I like organizing, I enjoyed being Blog admin this quarter and learned new HTML/CSS codes to customize it. For this milestone 5 update, as well as the updates from our crew, I've organized post from previous crews. Now all the posts from each crew are in its own pages, enjoy!!

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