Friday, May 27, 2011

Lighting - 1st pass

Majority of the class worked on lighting in Maya using LINUX.
They used a "Light rig" (made by professor Wissler) to start with, and through last few classes, they finalized the "Look" for the lighting.

To work/render efficiently, trees & water simulation from Houdini were brought in as RIB archive, cattail were brought in as Geometry and RIB archive, and grasses were created with Maya Fur.
Although this method is time efficient when render and popular in real productions, a minor problem was that the imported RIB archive appears as a box, not the actual tree or water.
Hence, it was challenging for many of our lighters to get used to at first.

Lighting by: Ross

Shot 2: Frame 0178

Shot 2: Frame 0218

Shot 2: Frame 0302

Shot 3

Shot 53

Comment from Ross:
These are the first renders from our first lighting passes for several of the interior swamp shots. Lighting, shading and layout are still being dialed in at this stage and will be revised and updated as new assets are created/modified.

Lighting by: Steven
Shot 35: 1st pass
Comment from Steven:
Shot 35 was the first scene to actually have rendered grass included. The touch was nice but there needed to be further adjustments. The lighting is just first pass but it's well on its way. I am tasked to tweak the lighting in the next milestone to include more ambient light and have warmer direct light.

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