Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Concept Art Developments

The Concept Art team's development based on the Art Direction.
These matte paintings are by Jack, Steven, and prof. Wissler.

First starting point guide that prof. Wissler painted before this class begin.

Concept art 01 - by Jack

Concept art 02 - by Steven

Concept art 01 - by Steven

Director Approved
The Final Environment Look

Concept art for distant environment 01 - by Steven

Director Approved
The Final concept art for distant environment - by Steven

Comment from Steven:
The process was pretty straight forward and made easy with the layers that were saved out from the psd. All that was needed to do was have the .tif files converted into Renderman .tex files and have those fed into Renderman constant shaders.

This would allow no lights in the scene to affect the cards. The cards were spaced a bit according to their visual distance cues. These would be used as a basis to build background environments for each shot.

Three tree cards went along way. Professor Wissler added some tint parameters on the card shaders so that additional color correction could be achieved directly in Maya.

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